Nelson Receiving the Surrender of the 'San Josef' at the Battle of Cape St Vincent | Daniel Orme | 1799

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The painting interprets the scene on the quarterdeck of the 'San Josef' as she surrenders. Nelson is standing centre right of the picture, his right hand held out to receive the sword of the captain of the ship. He is depicted offering it on bended knee, whilst his left hand points behind him to the slumped figure of the Spanish Admiral, Don Francisco Xavier Winthuysen, who has been mortally wounded. Kneeling beside the admiral on the far left, is the 'San Josef's' First Lieutenant, with his hands clasped. Behind this group, a Spanish and English sailor are shown, the latter identifiable as Ramsay, one of Nelson's bargemen. To the right of them is a Spanish priest called O'Brien, holding a cross aloft in his left hand. Between him and Nelson are three British officers. First is Lieutenant Pearson of the 69th Regiment, who had boarded the ship at Nelson's side. Behind him is Midshipman Thomas, a master's mate of Nelson's 'Captain', 74 guns, and James Noble who was Nelson's Flag Lieutenant. To the right of Nelson is Captain Berry, gesturing towards the 'San Josef's' ensign, which has just been hauled down. On the poop behind them is a British soldier of the 69th and two British sailors. The man waving his hat in the air is identifiable as William Fearney, Nelson's bargeman. This gesture is at odds with Nelson's own written account, which describes Fearney as putting the swords 'with the greatest sang froid, under his arm'. The jagged, broken mizzen-mast of the ship is visible in the background, by the ship's bell. In the left background is the stern of the 'San Nicolas', a Union flag over her ensign and Lieutenant Peter Spicer waving from her taffrail. Beyond her is the 'Captain', port-bow view, with Captain Miller and Nelson's stepson, Lieutenant Josiah Nisbet, standing on the fo'c'sle. In the centre background the 'Victory' and the 'Santissima Trinidad', 130 guns, in port-bow view, are shown in close action Orme was a portrait painter, and engraver to George III, who often produced his own portraits as engravings. The painting is signed and dated, 'Orme pinxt 1799'.



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