Greek Pirates Attacking a Turkish Vessel | 1820

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Size: 16"x12"

The artwork "Greek Pirates Attacking a Turkish Vessel," painted around 1820 by an unknown French artist. It depicts a dynamic sea battle scene under a tumultuous sky. The central focus is on a Greek pirate ship on the left, its sails billowing in the wind as it maneuvers aggressively towards a Turkish vessel. The sea is rendered with churning waves, reflecting the intensity and movement of the scene. The pirates, visible on the deck, are engaged in the heat of combat, readying to board or fire upon the Turkish ship, which is seen at a distance on the right, shrouded in mist or smoke. The sails of both ships are filled with the gusts of wind, underscoring the urgency of the action. The painting is characterized by a dark, brooding colour palette, with stark contrasts between the highlighted sails and the shadowy waves, contributing to the dramatic atmosphere of the naval engagement.


A premium quality heavyweight (200gsm) fine art print material with a smooth, clean finish. This museum quality paper is extremely consistent and works perfectly with large, full colour graphics or illustrations. The matte finish emphasizes different highlights and tones in the source artworks; helping to create stunning works of art.

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